If your home is a mirror of your life, your office is a mirror of your work, career and oftentimes your health. Consequently, office design is enormously imperative. It’s an old believe that positioning of objects can power the energy of a place, the more good energy the better our destiny is.

We as people are encompassed in a gigantic force of energy which comprises both positive and negative energy. Positive energy conveys success and negative energy triggers failure and misery. We spent a lot of money in designing our offices but most of the time we do not pay attention to how and what kind of energy we are being wedged by.

Your house area decides whether your company or business will run or not. Your house also picks that you will earn from your business or not, but it’s the office area that influences how much will you earn. Your office area controls the energy which is directly related to your income or loss.

Your Office/factory energy controls some important aspects. Such as;

Vendor Management
Quality of Products
Client Relations
Quality of Service

There are many industries that are despite running in a good shape and earning good, do not have good market value, visibility and credibility. But Why? This is what MYLife helps you to find out. It takes you to a journey of “WHY to WOW” and gives you miracle results.

MYLife can help you make choices about how to personalize your office area. MYLife is not a miracle worker, but it observes specific patterns in your house and offices, energy blocks and then removes those blocks. The changes don’t come from me or from above or from some magical force. They immediately come after MYLife removes the blocks that prevent my clients from suffering and when those blocks are removed, they attract miracles.


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